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“Temazcal” is a prehispanic bath that was widespread among the cultures of Meso-America.

Temazcal in Sacred Valley

Temazcal Is a prehispanic bath that was widespread among the cultures of Meso-America and whose oldest vestiges are in the archaeological areas of Palenque in Mexico and “Piedras Negras/Black Stones” in Guatemala, although its origins may be more distant: today are known and they use temporary structures made of sticks and leaves, or skins or blankets, known as Toritos, which could well be the source of this practice.


Temazcal purification ceremony, physical spiritual cleansing of mind, which is held within a structure made of adobe that works like a sweat lodge, using steam of medicinal and aromatic herbs.


  • Daily departure minimum 2 people.
  • 02:00 p.m: Pick-up from the hotel to the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Rumi Chaca Sector.
  • 03:15 p.m: Welcome to the ceremony center, conversation and explanation of the ceremony, meditation, ceremony Snuff, protective ground, armed with    prayer.
  • 03:45 p.m: Home Temazcal ceremony.
  • At around 06:30 p.m: Return to Cusco or you can stay in the camping.

It includes:

  • Private or public transportation
  • Guide
  • Ceremonial music
  • Tent or hostel and food.

More Information of Temazcal

Its use throughout history has been bothtemazcal tour cusco therapeutic and ritual and ceremonial and its practice survives today thanks to the oral tradition of the various indigenous communities.

Its root name “Nahua” means steam house (Temaz – steam, calli – home). Technically, “Temazcal” follows the same principle as the Finnish bathroom: it is a closed structure of small dimensions in which porous rocks previously heated red hot were introduced.

However, a first element highlighted to give is its own identity to the bathroom: no water is poured on the stones to produce steam but an infusion of medicinal plants. The steam is managed, directed and exploited through the use of a bouquet of fresh leafy plants which fan with it.

Today is an experience led by aguide (Temaz citizen, healer, shaman or “Sudador”) that will implement a serie of practical therapeutic experiences with nature or ritual massages, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, chants, visualization, meditation exercises and catharsis serving to guide the emotions and group dynamics.

What is its purpose?

Now, we know that “Temazcal” acts purifying respiratory tracts and digestive apparatus and toning the nervous system and also helps in bone, muscle and gynecoobstetric problems through the heat of the bath and the healing properties of various medicinal plants which are used in it.

Temazcal medical plant in Peru. However, simply enters a temazcal to recognize qualities of spiritual order.

The relaxation that generates experience encourages introspection, reflection, mindfulness and even a long passage of time perception. It is perhaps a form of experience of divine temporality is presented under the paradoxical aspect of a circular time, reversible and recoverable as a sort of eternal mythical present that is periodically reintegrated by the artifice of the rites”.

Temazcal considered in one of its simplest aspects as a cleansing bath, returns us the sacred character and spirit of a tasty daily activity currently practiced by most Mexicans with astonishing indifference to ignore the origins and reasons for a fundamental activity in shaping the customs of all cultures and forgetting also the practice of enriching one of the most simple habits that shape our culture and we related and linked to many others.

Its features are unique and exceptional, but their study may not favor and enrich the deep knowledge of folk wisdom that is central to our history and our particular appreciation of things.

What is known about them?

“Temazcales” vary in form and practice in the regions where they are used; however it is always small with low ceilings, sealed in the open and dark chambers.

Although very little is known of this practice among the ancients, it is information from the Spanish chroniclers who, despite their sensitivity and interest in understanding the different, could hardly be framed in the context of indigenous cosmogony procedures watching, to Although some took it as an instrument of hygiene.

Currenty, there are few specific publications on the subject and tend to focus the study of herbs. Increasingly researchers analyze, synthesize and test the biochemical behaviour of the plants used by traditional healers.

The parameters of Western medicine and even scientifically understand the effects of subjecting the body to extreme temperature, controlled conditions for the restoration and cultivation of health, the fact is that the conception of the disease for the healer includes a complex system of references mystics which has proven to be of great help to treat diseases known today under the concept of psychosomatic.

So far, there is no record compendium living practice of using Temazcal in the various indigenous communities in other social groups in the country who have been captivated by this instrument hygiene.

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