Sacred Down Hill – One Day

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This tour is for those who really love bicycling with adrenaline.  The route to Moray has 23 kilometres of pure descent using the most impressive trails.  You will have fantastic views of the Moray ruins, the Vilcanota mountain range, the Chicón peak (5250m) and the stunning Verónica peak at 5682m.  The itinerary has 2 different technical levels, designed especially for you. …read more

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Cusco & the Sacred Valley

It is possible in just over one week, to sample some of Peru’s rich mix of culture, history and mountain scenery. After exploring the main sights of Lima’s colonial centre, we cross the mountains to Cusco and visit the massive fortifications, temples and colourful towns of the Sacred Valley. After catching a train to the town of Aguas Calientes, we visit the magnificent ruins of Machu Picchu. The Spanish Conquistadors missed the ruins during their conquest of the region and they remained lost to the outside world until American explorer Hiram Bingham discovered them in 1911. There are plenty of sightseeing options in Cusco and we also have time to wander the narrow streets and shop for some great keepsakes, including alpaca sweaters and colourful Indian hats that are unique to the Andes – Cusco the Sacred Valley. … read more

Sacred Valley Cycle & Trek

Cycle the beautiful Sacred Valley and trek to stunning Machu Picchu.sacreed valley

This is a fantastic way to journey through Peru. Having explored Lima and the old Inca city of Cusco, enjoy a two-day bicycle ride down into the beautiful Sacred Valley. Along the way we stop at numerous Inca sites before reaching the valley floor, where we discover the colourful market town of Pisac and the fortress village of Ollantaytambo. We then hop off our bikes and start our camping hike along old Inca trails, which take us high into the mountains and on to the ancient Inca citadel of Machu Picchu. At the end of our adventure, we enjoy some time to relax in Cusco before returning to Lima. This is Peru at its most breathtaking. …read more

Peru’s history and geography read like myth and fable: earth’s most mysterious figures in the Nazca desert; the world’s deepest canyon; volcanoes guarding cities and a gigantic lake halfway to heaven. On top of all that is the incomparable Sacred Valley, the heartland of Incan culture and home to Peru’s finest monuments and relics from the ancient world. Exploring Cusco then setting off along Incan pathways is a must for all who want to experience the full magic of the region, both to appreciate the quiet splendour of the mountains, and the full power of Machu Picchu, rearing up suddenly on a hidden peak deep in the countless folds of the Andes. Lake Titicaca’s combination of stunning scenery, intense colours and intriguing customs makes it a favourite of many who travel in the region, while La Paz’s striking streets and vivacious culture is a vibrant finale to our adventure.