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If you looking for long trails and you like go up, down on bike, this tour is for you Ocobamba mountain bike. Because you will find fast sections and you can look landescape while you ride bike. Our day started very early, we went to start point at 5:00 am, whit a big sacrifice i was awake so i belived and i thought in what this day will be a wonderfull day and new experiences. So let’s go.

ROAD TO Ocobamba
While we traveled, we look diferents landescapes. I saw glacied and beautiful mountains covered with colors same to a paint also. There were crops and andean animals, the tipical animals of the Cusco (llamas, alpacas). A travel maked for think in the fantastic of the life. You could saw many colors in diverst steps during the travel. After 4 hours of travel in car finally we arrived on start point, we prepared the bikes and we put the protection. We were excited to take our bikes and we riding very fast for the trail.
The trail had long downs, for me this was cool because i could go fast whitout feeling tired and enjoy the views in the places of stop. Is impressive as the flora changes, from an orange to a greener. This happens because we down from 4400m to 3000 and each upon time down more. Then you were see a little jungle and many fruits.

Glacied andean mountain

ountain bike cusco jungle ocobamba
The tour on bike lasts 2 hours because we went very fast. I think, if you go more slow you can arrive to finish point in 3 hours, depend of you want doing. For example if you want pictures in the stops, you need more time. My recomendation is you should balance your times because the return to Cusco is very long. You can lasts 6 hours when you came back to cusco. When you arrive Ocobamba town,you can take lunch. This moment you can take advantage for enjoy see diferentes tipical plants and fruits of the place (banana, café, oranges etc…) The guide give you lunch boxes after, you can return to Cusco. And are you ready for enjoy this experience?


  • You must wear repellent because there are  insect.
  • Carry a suncream. Although the weather be cloudy allways there are radiation from sun.
  • You carry a lot of water. The trail is very long and you will need water, cereal bar or cookies for recuperate your energy.

Name tour: Survival Jungle Trail Machu Picchu

mountain bike ocobamba

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Mountain bike cusco ocobamba

Ocobamba tour

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Photographer: Erick Baca