A day of downhill in the Sacred Valley

Autor: Brian Biking

We all seek to leave our routine, to walk in search of new experiences and why not, to meet new people along the way. The point is to try to get out of our desks, traffic, phone calls and all the technology that encircles our mind during our daily days.

Well, I want to show you a different way to escape your weeks, busy months, in an only day.

The Sacred Valley Cusco-Peru is one of the tourist places most frequented by many tourists, due to its fascinating sites of Inca infrastructure. You can visit about 5 different archaeological sites, but today we will not talk about the classical route, today we will talk a different alternative.

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Mountain biking is one of the most convenient and fun options you can do, while during your stay in Cusco-Peru, and this sport was our choice. We started early around 8:30 am and headed to Chinchero town, unloaded the bikes that are of very good quality, full suspension in the Commencal brand, after placing the proper protection, we calibrate a few bikes along with the guide.

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At almost 4000 meters of height we began to roll in a single track with technical parts and some steps in the way. It has its difficulty, but nothing that can’t be done. After almost 20 minutes of descent we arrived at the village of Huayllabamba, where the car was waiting for us and then we went to another route located 30 minutes.

Already at the top we could see the snowy Chicon, definitely a beautiful view worthy to record. This route has many technical parts because the curves are well closed and the grip is half slippery, well that’s why we like the downhill. We start very fast because the space is fast, where you can let yourself be carried by the speed until you reach your own limits (maybe you reach 60km / h) and then enter the technical side, bordering the mountain until you reach the lower part of the valley, with an approximate time of 25 minutes downhill.

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It was already late afternoon and  we were hungry, “how good that the tour includes lunch”, then we headed to the restaurant where we were offered the buffet. Of course there is variety in food, for those who are vegetarians and for those who like meat, besides typical food of the place, after all, after a long day and full adrenaline you only think about eating and skipping a little Carbohydrates.

Almost at 3 in the afternoon we return to Cusco with the satisfaction of having passed it very well, so we was marveling at the landscape that gives us the sacred valley of the Incas.

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Photographer: Erick Baca

Name Tour: Sacred Downhill One Day