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The bookings or reservations if you can’t get to our office; is in fact possible; just you need to request to our website format,,, celphone: +51-84-984507782 1issued to: bikingperutrek S.R.L. Our company is going to replay the petition by the same way as possible. The reservation is considered partial when our clients aren’t do a total cost deposit of the service. All the reservations are guaranteed and confirmed after we receive the deposit in our bank account, or recieve in a Wester Unión office. After that to reconfirm your request, we are going to send a SERVICE VOUCHER by fax or mail three days late to fax number or mail address you give us.


All the rates are expressed in USA CURRENCY (american dollars), we apply commission and taxes according peruvian laws; that should be change with out advices (when the operations cost changes only). The rates expressed in our web site are per person in a shared group services. Event your group are more than ten people, we are going to provide a private services in circuits. Consult possibility if you are among one to nine.


According operational practice razons, we can changes if its neccesary your activities orden or specific itinerary. Bikingperutrek Area S.R.L. within our rights we can do changes with out previus advice or modify your tour or trip orders by climate conditions arriving times, plane and bus departures or other important razon that guarentee well trips conditions; that doesn’t means any indenmify or compensate to our client.


The airline tickets cost usually are subject to availability and changes with out advices right to print its. After bought tickets, usually the itineraries and flight numbers are subject to airline policies; event happen changes that passangers know; is obligatory to report us to (005184)-984507782 office telephone or (005184)-631798 & (005184)-995369306on emergency cases.


Escept you found a special agreement wrote in the previous to reserve your services; all request should paid like we datail lines follow:


We consider an individual reservation when are minor or equals to 05 passengers. It requires a 100% deposit of total amount. To get other payment possibility must be consulted in


We consider a group reservation when the passanger number are equal more than 06 passengers. It requires a deposits in the follow way:

  • 50 % from total amount of each reservation about space at booking time. When your reservation are do more than two months.
  • 80% from total amount of each reservation when you do before two months on group arrival date.
  • 100% from total cost when you reserve before 29 days on group arrival date.

The minimum time to pay must be complete until 25 days previous to start the program with our company. res Bikingperutrek s.r.l, erves our right to cancel the reservetions and apply administrative expenditure if the deposit is not received in the established dates. AaA Bikingperutrek s.r.l send a detailed itinerary VOUCHER 3 days then received the payment or pre-payment according our previus agreement or total cost of the program you choice. The deposit or payments are of the follow way:

  • By WESTERN UNION: To AMERICO PATRICIO JIMENEZ HUAMANTTICA with peruvian ID known as DNI: 41548313 (Use Cusco Peru as reference).
  • To one menber to BCP BANCO DE CREDITO DE PERU offices, in USA american currency to savings account number: 285-18013317-1-36, to name of:. AMERICO PATRICIO JIMENEZ HUAMANTTICA Event you are outside to our country; to a member bank to BCP BANCO DE CREDITO DEL PERU in USA american currency to same savings You should use a SWIF: BCPLPEPL.

paynow  go  to

Note: The transfer expenditures are going to assumed by the passenger or tourist operator who do the reservetions. After deposit; please send by E-MAIL or scanning your DEPOSIT VOUCHER with passport in additional.


Our clients can CANCEL the reservetions when them consider necessary; just should take attention to send a request by e-mail to: , In answer our company is going to cancel your reservation considering the follow rules:

  1. Lodging, public transportations and airline tickets reservations neccesarily are going to solved by LODGING, TRANSPORT and AIRLINE COMPANIES POLICIES.
  2. The Inca Trail service has own rules; please check: Frecuent Questions and Inka Trail Polices.
  3. When the cancel request means to back money; just in case you do by WESTERN UNION, we return your money inmediately in a same way; other cases necesarily we are going to consult to transaction server before to give back your money as soon possible.
  4. About turist services that we operate, we consider request times such as:
    • If the cancel request is received 10 days or minor on calendar time to start the program it doesn’t have any refund. Just we can give you all the tickets we bought.
    • If the cancel request is received 15 to 11 calendar days to start the program, the refund are going to be 40% of total program cost.
    • If the cancel request is received within 29 to 16 calendar days to start the program, the refund are going to be 60% of total program cost.
    • If the cancel request is received two months to 30 calendar to start the program the refund are going to be 80% of total program cost.
    • If the cancel request is received two months and one day more calendar time to start the program the refund will be you pay us with a administrative discount and banking transferences cost.

RESPONSIBILITIES: The S.R.L. works also as a travels organizer company in agreement our clients request; organizing transport, lodging, fligths, tours and others turist services in our clients delegation using their names. In that sense we can not assume resposibilities for accidents, damages, time waste, interference or irregularities happen durin the services gives by thirds. Also when we operate will happen strikes, nature problems or others happenings on a last minute that not involve our responsibilities specialy respect to programs or timetables.

IMPORTANT: In the INKA TRAIL case and others adventure trips usually have their own conditions. Also you should use a:

  • Accidents insurance: for accidents because peruvian laws prevent low espenses.
  • Trip insurance: for cameras, money, others.
  • Medical evacuation insurance.



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