5 Reasons Why You Should Make Mountain Biking In Perú

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Mountain biking  Perú, is a sport that has been growing over time, so you will see that more and more people are building different routes in incredible places. If you are an explorer and want to discover new routes with different degrees of difficulty, in addition to enjoying adrenaline-filled experiences, Peru is one of the countries with different types of geography. Here are 5 reasons why you should come to Peru to ride a bike.

1. Geography.

As we said, the geography of Perú is diverse, you can start in a very cold climate and end in a warm area. There are circuits in which you climb up to 5000 meters, you can see camelids (alpacas, llamas, vicuñas) where you will not find much flora, however you will be surrounded by mountains, glaciers and sometimes lagoons, those lagoons that look like mirrors, 100%. Once there you will not want to leave without taking a picture. Then as you go down the mountains, you can realize the change of climate, sometimes the climate can change to 50% is such the change that in a couple of hours are among many trees of a jungle, you can even observe trees of fruit that can only grow in the jungle. In short you enjoy two types of geographies in a single day.Llamas Peru wilelife mountain biking peru

2. History.

There are trails where in passing you find archaeological sites, places where still Inca architecture. Go figure! In addition to touring the cricuito by bike you get to know a bit of ancestral culture of the Inca period. This is the case if you suddenly want to go to Cusco to take a good tour through the Andes. In fact I dare to recommend a circuit located in the sacred valley of the Incas, for example, Urquillos, located 45 minutes from the city of Cusco, starting in the village of Chincheros will cover a journey of approximately 30 km. Right at the beginning you will find containers made by the Incas where they stored their food to extend their life time (as if they were our refrigerators).

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3. Exploration.

If you are one of the people who likes to discover, mountain bike circuits in Peru, especially in the Andes (Cusco, Huaraz, Puno, Arequipa) are ideal places for exploration. You get to experience changes in your own soil during your tour, and there are different ways to reach the final point, so you can choose according to your tastes and the difficulty you prefer. You only need a GPS if you are of the most technological and adventurous types, nevertheless I recommend that you always carry the necessary tools for your expedition remember that you can get expeditions of more than 5 days, and you can even reach the same machu picchu by bicycle , I recommended circuit is the road to the salkantay. Where you can enjoy the glacier and its different climate changes as you go down.

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4. Difficulty.

While it is true there are circuits for all tastes with different difficulties, let me tell you that mostly are more difficult than they seem. Starting with the height of the starting points, most are more than 3700 meters, because if you are a problem the height I recommend you start a period of acclimatization before venturing with one of the circuits. On the other hand, the route has many rocks and sometimes steps (is not fun?) The difficulty for many patients like me, is essential because we are already tired of the trails marked, flat, designed so that you do not have a fall. In Peru you will find those canines with stones in many points, climbs that require a worked physique, but everything is worth at the end, after being able to appreciate the different landscapes that this magical country offers.

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5. Distance.

The distance between the place where it is possible to stay and the circuits, say the most popular in the area, are 1 hour away considering the further away. Mostly you will realize that getting to each circuit will take you 30 to 45 minutes, not great! This means that you can travel different routes in a single day, in what you should worry about is having all your implements necessary for your tour. If you are in Lima you can find circuits near a distancide 1 hour by car. It happens the same in Arequipa however it is a great distance considering that they are moderately large cities. If you came to the South and you are in Cusco or Puno the circuits are located closer and closer to the city. In the sacred valley there are variety of routes for all tastes. So one of the advantages of being on a bike in Peru is being able to tour several circuits in a single day.

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