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The best MTB videos you have to see in Cusco Peru 2024

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We proudly present top-notch mountain biking expeditions meticulously designed to reveal the awe-inspiring landscapes of Cusco.

The Perfect Bicycles for Your Adventure:

We offer not only the best bikes but also the opportunity to descend the finest mountains of Cusco, ensuring you have an unforgettable adventure.

Our Tours:

Our tours cater to riders of every skill level, featuring Cross Country Tours, Enduro Tours, and Downhill Tours. For those seeking an extended biking escapade, we provide multi-day excursions, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience. Come ride with us today!

The Best Cross Country Bike Tours are in Perú

“Discover the Top Cross Country Routes in Cusco and the Sacred Valley, featuring the finest bikes and equipment provided by BikingPeruTrek.”

“BikingPeruTrek: Premier Hiking and Cycling Tours to Machu Picchu for an unforgettable experience.”

“Explore Machu Picchu: Unforgettable Mountain Biking and Trekking Tours in the Andes. Your Ultimate Adventure Awaits!”

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Mountain biking is an exciting adventure sport, but it is an all-terrain sport that often involves navigating difficult trails, and usually using specially designed mountain bikes.

 Our Bikes:

our mountain bikes are for the adventures you need, but we have more beautiful trails and incredible views, because the Andes of Peru is the best option for cycling explore with us and enjoy the adventure.


Do you want to know the best mountain biking routes?

we have the best bike tours around Peru. we offer 3 categories like Cross country tours, enduro tours, Downhill tours, with the best bikes in the world. in the best places with beautiful views.


Essential Equipment for Bikers.

For downhill lovers, the trails in the Andes are the best in Mountain Biking. Stay safe with full-face MTB helmets, knee and elbow pads, gloves, chest protectors, goggles and much more.


Professional Trainings with BikingPeruTrek

We always ride with the best equipment and guides, respecting nature and fun.


Our Professional Mountain Biking Guides


Cross country cycling guides are professionals who specialize in leading and facilitating cross country cycling experiences. Cross country cycling involves long-distance rides over a variety of terrains, including trails, dirt roads, and sometimes pavement, and it often incorporates both climbing and descending


These guides are experts in extreme downhill and enduro mountain biking. They are experts in difficult descents and in guaranteeing the safety of the bikers.

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If you’re looking for an amazing cycling experience in various categories like downhill, cross country, and enduro, along with the best races and incredible descents, you’re in for an exhilarating adventure. Here are some top destinations and events that offer high-quality biking experiences

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Oliver P
Oliver P
Sacred valley black downhill mountain biking tour I did the sacred valley black downhill mountain biking tour. Americo was an awesome guide and we rode some amazing trails. I did fall once though and cut my arms quite badly. However we were riding again straight away and even visited a pharmacy to get my arms cleaned up. The bikes were top notch and serviced to the highest level.
If you want to ride some unforgettable trails I highly recommend this tour!!
Top De enige echte manier om sacred valley te bezoeken. Americo brengt u naar plaatsen waar je de hele dag alleen rijdt en je voelt je in het paradijs. Ook is hij een topgids die veel geduld heeft en je veel assisteert. Een echte aanrader dus!
Omri V
Omri V
First Downhill in my life, could not have been better I went on single day Downhill tour, which apart from the astonishing and unique ride consisted of a great lunch and a visit to a Sauna. It was my first time going properly Downhill, after years of only trail riding, and I enjoyed every minute. Everything in the tour was well organized, no problems whatsoever, great Commencal bike and gear. This tour enabled me to start pushing my limits on a bike, because I knew I was in good hands. If you’re into mountain biking in general, even not so experienced, and are looking for an adrenaline rush and great views & experience, riding with BikingPeruTrek absolutely has to be on your bucketlist
Corentin T
Corentin T
Incroyable Incroyable journée de DH avec Americo !
Super vélos et équipements, Americo n’a que du matériel de très haute qualité

Les routes sont magnifiques, au sein de la vallée sacrée avec des points de vue sur moray et autres. Les descentes sont parfaites et bien entretenues par Americo et les riders locaux. Si besoin Americo veille toujours pour assurer vos arrières – très pro.

On a ensuite droit aux bières, a un tres bon repas dans sa guesthouse, une chicha puis le sauna pour se remettre des descentes.

C’était super je recommande vraiment !
Ian C
Ian C
Fantastic MTB Downhill for Experienced Riders I spent two days with Americo and can’t thank him enough for making my Peru trip. We did the Maras Moray trip on the first day and that was a great run with plenty of sections to get excited about. The scenery was incredible and everything was completely organized by Americo and the team. The second trip was unbelievable also. Started the first run at 4400 meters through some great sections followed by a hot spring soak then on to another high mountain pass starting around 4400 meters again. This run saw the five bikers on the trip get a total of six punctures between us and a few broken spokes which were all sorted out by the team. The bikes supplied were all high end Polygon duel suspension MTB’s which ate up the terrain. Thanks guys !
José Luis Argueta
José Luis Argueta
MTB Ruinas de Moray y Salinas de Maras Fuimos el 1 de diciembre con mi esposa al tour MTB Moray-Maras. Fue algo super emocionante, ruta panoramica, buen decenso. Nosotros somos de Guatemala y pues practicamos un poco el MTB, la verdad nos encanto el tour. Nos trasladaron en una Prado con las bicis (buenas bicis y practicamente nuevas), iniciamos el colazo a más o menos un hora después del viaje en carro. Jason nuestro tour guide, nos fue explicando toda la ruta, contandonos varias cosas del area hasta llegar al lugar de salida. Bajamos super rápido, saltos, drops, rampas, grava suelta….de todo. Estuvo super nice. Para mi gusto habria podido ser un poco más exigente la ruta y un poco más largo el recorrido; pero respecto al profesionalismo de Jason…110 puntos! Esperamos regresar pronto y hacer una ruta más larga.
Si lo que buscan es una buena vuelta en MTB con tour cultural incluido…están en el lugar indicado. Y si solo quieren hacer bici sin mirar atras…también están en el lugar correcto.
Ena G
Ena G
Excelente tour de mtb Américo fue muy amable y excelente guía. Nos recogió en su 4×4 nosotros éramos una pareja con experiencia pero no expertos. Bicis en muy buenas condiciones. El tour lo fue adaptando al nivel que vio que teníamos. La comida fue buena y el muy agredable. Nos llevó con una familiar de él que manejaba la camioneta y con eso pudimos bajar y volver a subir un par de veces. Repetiría el tour con ellos.
MTB (downhill) trip Moray and Salinas (Maras) Can highly recommend thus trip to anyone that likes (downhill) mountainbiking. Because this company takes different routes you are away from the beaten path and the crowds. You also get to see the Inca sites from different (cooler) viewpoints.
The guide Jason was very friendly and knowledgable. He speaks English so that is nice.

Also the included lunch was very good.

I had a great day and can recommend this company and guide to everyone.